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1 October 2017

Friends World Committee for Consultation...

. . . invited every Quaker meeting and church from around the world to celebrate World Quaker Day (WQD) on October 1, 2017. The theme, Gathering in Worship Around the Globe, focused on uniting Friends in different parts of the world and from different traditions in one big virtual worshiping community.

Whatever you did as a worshiping community, we hope you will share this with others through FWCC. It can be very simple — a description, a poem, a short video from a mobile phone, a few photos — we will post them on this web site so that you can see what other churches and meetings were doing on the same day. There are three ways to let us know about your activities: Email items to us, post them to the FWCC World Office Facebook page, or Twitter, hashtag #wqd for posting to the website.

See how Friends around the world celebrated in 2017

As the sun rises in each area of the world, we remember that Quakers are worshiping through every time zone, celebrating our deep connections across cultures and Quaker traditions. We are united in love and accompany each other on this special day that draws us together. As we worship, we hold each other in prayer and thanksgiving, and let our hymns of praise resound across the world.


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See reports and photos from 2014, 2015 and 2016