We will be celebrating our next World Quaker Day on October 2, 2022. Our theme will be: Becoming the Quakers the World Needs

What is World Quaker Day? An annual event where we celebrate Quakers around the world!

Every year across our churches, meetings, countries, and sections, we feel the power of God connecting us into a faithful family. We celebrate all expressions of Quaker worship!

Visit the reports page to see how people celebrated World Quaker Day 2021.

If you do not see your report on the page, you can still send us your photos and reports from the day by emailing submit@worldquakerday.org. If you have a video to share, please send it to submit@worldquakerday.org via WeTransfer.

Watch the invitation to World Quaker Day 2021 from the four FWCC Section Secretaries:

Submit your report using this form or by email.

Whatever you did as a worshiping community, we hope you will share this with others.  It can be very simple – a description, a poem, a short video from a mobile phone, a few photos – we will post them on this web site so that you can see what other churches and meetings were doing on the same day.

We welcome your participation in World Quaker Day. We are grateful for all you bring to the Quaker world.