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Alice Springs, Australia

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We met on 2 October for Meeting for Worship at Campfire in the Heart, Alice Springs, Australia. Some of us are participating at the Close Pine Gap Peace Convergence aimed at closing a major USA military base for spying and directing armed drones, which is in the desert, just outside Alice Springs.

Bhopal, India

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Greetings from Bhopal Friends. We were happily preparing for World Quaker Day. On this day our Young Friends and senior Friends shared about Introduction and history of A Religious Society of Friends, beginning of Quakerism, George Fox, importance of Silent worship.                   

After Church service, most of the attenders visited Old Age Person Home. We distributed cakes etc to them at their lunch time. There a Yoga class was running by some students of  the Bhopal University. We enjoyed joining them.          

Our Young Friends also visited a Poor Children Care Home, which is run by a Pastor Manoj Roy. Young Friends distributed refreshment and shared the Love of Jesus Christ with prayers. Then Bible story books were also distributed among children.             

Thus we showed the Love of Jesus and remembered old Friends and thought to grow continuously in Quakerism. 

Bohol Worship Group, Philippines


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We, the unprogrammed Quakers (Bohol Worshipping Group) are delighted to connect with Evangelicals in our community and celebrated World Quaker Day 2016 with them. We never knew there's such a Friends Church in our locality until one time we happened to pass by their place of worship. Timely as it is to gather and introduce to them about Quakers during this significant day. We started the day with their regular worship/service. It is a mix of both actually as we were singing praises and reading verses from the bible while having minutes of silence in between. Boni then presented the history of Quakers. Marj explained a bit about silent worship. Interesting to know that they never heard about Quakers before. It was a moment full of gratitude that we ended the morning with a hearty lunch. In whatever way we are celebrating and wherever we are in the world today, know that we are present in each other- in Spirit.

Happy Quaker Day, everyone! Light & Love.

Canberra Friends Meeting, Australia



sCanberra Quakers had an Indian meal for lunch after Meeting for Worship on WQD and particularly thought about all the Friends Churches in India.  We had photos of Friends from across the Asia West Pacific region decorating our Meeting House walls.   We had great fun connecting to Friends by Skype in Itarsi, Mid India Yearly Meeting and Christchurch, New Zealand.   We loved having a video message from Alistair Reid in Scotland that prompted a little singing by Canberra’s resident Scottish friend. A number of the Quaker Speak videos were shown and really appreciated.

Friends Church Hoshangabad, Mid India YM



On 2nd October of 2016 we celebrated World Quaker Day with all of our members. We discussed about Quakerism and we put forth our views. In our morning worship, we remembered all our friends all over the world. Especially we remembered elders of our yearly meeting who passed and how they worked for Quakerism. In the evening we celebrated this day with blind children. All the members of the church went there and prayed for them. They sang beautiful songs. We gifted them sweets and other gifts. Their teachers were very happy after meeting us. Please convey our message and wishes to other member of FWCC.

Itarsi Meeting, Mid India YM

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In the morning we started our gathering at sharp 8.30 am. We were about 250 Quakers together at the place. Our Sunday school children presented their skit under the guidance of the Sunday school teacher Mrs Veena Singh. We have also printed the poster sugessted by you after some editing. Our service ended by 10.15 and then we organized tea and cake for all the Friends.

Mid North Island Monthly Meeting, Aotearoa/New Zealand


MNI MM Friends gathered in Hamilton on World Quaker Day October 2nd: in back, Alan Reynolds, Sue Reynolds, Fred Burger, Patricia Waugh, Peter Gadgil, Joy Rising, Robin Russell, Ruth Gadgil. in front, Linda Radosinska, Saskia Schuitemaker, Beryl Jones, Mary Rose, Gray Southon, Elva Day. Photo Carril Karr

Mt. Lawley Meeting, Perth Western Australia


Mt. Lawley Meeting marked World Quaker Day with a shared lunch and a visit from Harry Albright from the FWCC World Office. Harry spoke to us about the work of FWCC both within the Section and in the wider world, including work done by the Quaker United Nations Office which operates through FWCC's accreditation at the UN.

Osaka Meeting, Japan


We hold our meeting for worship on the first Sunday of every month at a catholic retreat center near Osaka, Japan.
As we hold our meeting for worship on the World Quaker Day, October 2nd, 2016 we will remember Friends all over the world connecting and holding each other in thoughts and faith.

Palmerston North Meeting, Aotearoa/New Zealand


We marked World Quaker Day, today. For World Quaker Day we discussed and shared our thoughts on the Quaker testimonies of; simplicity, equality and integrity. The session was led by Patricia Macgregor, Clerk of Asia West Pacific Section of FWCC.

Tokyo Meeting, Japan

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