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Barrydale Worship Group, South Africa

Barrydale  Barrydale


We meet for Meeting on the first, First Day of each new month. We were rather pleased that World Quaker Day conveniently fell on our usual Meeting day!

By October we are in late Spring in Barrydale. Our Meetings are held in the late afternoon (4pm), so we Meet on the verandah facing a garden and the Langeberg Mountains in the nether distance. This First Day we settled into a beautiful silence – we were ministered to by bird song, the sounds of dogs barking in the neighbourhood, and the general peaceable, Sunday afternoon atmosphere of a rural, farm-village community. We were very aware of the unfolding connectedness from Meetings opening and closing in different time zones all around the world. Our hope is that our participation will link us closer to other Friends from different parts of the world.

Kevin Johannsson, a Quaker from McGregor, visited us and spoke of his testimony and work in his town.  We shared a delicious potluck meal together after his presentation!

Our group picture; was taken by Scott Hart, sending love and well wishes to Friends all over the world.

Many blessings Friends, we all enjoyed this special experience together! If you ever in Barrydale, come Meet with us!



Burundi Friends at Musama Friends Church. Message: peace, truth, love on World Quaker Day.



Cameroon Friends at Doula had a peace chat among Anglophones and Francophones on World Quaker Day

Cape Town, South Africa

On World Quaker Day the Quaker Community in Cape Town met with the Ahmadiyya Jama’at group in East Rondebosch. They are an unusual Muslim group and have experienced persecution by other Muslims in Pakistan where they originated over one hundred years ago. They are also banned from visiting Mecca. They also believe that Jesus did not die on the cross but survived and went to live in Kashmir where he got married. They still have the house where he lived.

They have a very large worldwide membership and do a lot of charitable work with people of all different faiths. They are very peace orientated and believe in “Love for all, Hatred for none”.

Dandora Friends Church, Nairobi Yearly Meeting Kenya

Dandora Meeting in Nairobi marked World Quaker day with song.

Hill House Meeting, Ghana

Ghana  Ghana

Friends in Ghana considered environmental sustainability on World Quaker Day, tree planting at the meeting house compound.

Imbinga Friends Church, Vokoli Yearly Meeting Kenya

Imbinga  Imbinga
Imbinga  Imbinga

At Imbinga Friends Church, Vokoli YM, World Quaker Day worship centered on leadership and truth; Friends gathered for sporting activities.

Mukunga Friends Church, EAYM North Kenya


Mukunga Friends Church of East Africa YM North after worship to celebrate World Quaker Day.

Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi Youth

The youth of Friends Church Nairobi Yearly Meeting celebrated World Quaker Day with orphans in Nairobi. See the full report (PDF).

Rwanda Yearly Meeting

Rwanda  Rwanda
Rwanda  Rwanda

Rwanda YM Friends in conversation around Quaker Values at the Peace Garden-Kicukiro on World Quaker Day.

Soy Monthly Meeting, Kenya

Soy  Soy

Youth celebrate World Quaker Day at Soy Monthly Meeting. Poems, music and a Sunday School dance.

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