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See how the Asia West Pacific Section celebrated World Quaker Day 2020

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Friends in Boholano said ' We are a tiny group of 5 happy & relentless advocates of social justice, peace & Earth healing.'

Brian Turner, Canberra Quaker reflects on this the WQD theme.

Jeanne Klovdahl from Canberra Quaker Meeting shares her WQD sign saying being a Quake to her means having 'a peaceful spirit'.

Greetings! We are meeting every Sunday (in a safe way).
Your Friend, Mary P The Waratah is the floral emblem for

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 World Quaker Day lecture and meeting by friend Anil Masih on Quaker at Friends Church, Seoni Malwa.

 Today we have had some attendees in the Church, who weren't Quaker, so after worship there were some queries about the Quakerism from some Friends including them, seeing painting prepared by children and cake, " HAPPY QUAKERS DAY" was written on it. So Nalini, Devdas and myself explained that, and satisfied them. All these programs made engaged me. I missed an important session of QUNO Friends also I apologize for unable to login in webinar. I hope it was a good and useful conversation. I am sending some photos of today's celebrations of Sohagpur Girls School and Bhopal church.

''Many colourful origami cranes were the product of this small craft group meeting at Kelvin Grove Friends Meeting House in Brisbane on Saturday 19th September. This was the start of QRM’s efforts to raise awareness of the power of God connecting us into a faithful family to be celebrated on World Quaker Day 4th October. We plan to kindle a friendship with Osaka Meeting, Japan, and to send letters and a gift of all our handmade origami cranes to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial reaffirming the peace message about the atom bomb that “it must never happen again.” The crane has become a sign of hope and healing during challenging times.


As you can see in the photos, the children were very adept at making their contributions. With the hands on help of one Friend who learned origami from a Japanese school exchange student, a google tutorial and various diagrams we all turned out a number of brightly coloured paper cranes of many sizes and designs. We had a zoom link for friends at home who wanted to have a go and sent messages to our other meetings encouraging them to send their paper crane creations to our Meeting House. The time spent together learning a new skill gave us the chance to discuss Japanese beliefs surrounding the crane and the story of Sadako and the Thousand Cranes. This young girl suffered from leukemia due to her exposure to radiation when the atom bomb hit Hiroshima. She set out to make one thousand paper cranes, believing if she could do so  her wish to be well would come true. She did not live to complete her thousand cranes but her family continued her work and sent out the message to the world that “It must never happen again.”


This is the message we too want to share on World Quaker Day. Our collection has burgeoned over three weeks and our individual origami skills improved beyond measure. On Sunday 4th October our central table display at Brisbane Meeting for Worship overflowed with paper cranes. We are now proud to share this collection for display at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and other sites in Japan. As a Quaker community we celebrate the fun, discussion, awareness and commitment that came with this project.''