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See how Europe and Middle East Section celebrated World Quaker Day 2020

Lena, a Friend from EMES, shares their WQD sign!

''The theme for World Quaker Day is ‘What does it mean to be a Quaker today? Living a Faithful Life in a Changing World’. For me this takes me back to Fox’s great question and to others, we are familiar with: What canst thou say? How will our lives speak? What is the service that is ours to undertake? What does love require of us? – always accepting that this may not be great busyness?''

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Que signifie être #quaker aujourd'hui ? Pour le #WQD2020, plusieurs Amies nantaises se sont prêtées au jeu !

What does it mean to be #quaker today? For # WQD2020, several Nantes Friends took part in the game

Greetings from Bad Pyrmont, Germany. On Friday, a few Friends gathered at the Quaker House (the only one in Germany) for a committee weekend. Six Friends started the WQD Sunday with a meeting for worship at sunrise and thought about our personal connections worldwide. How nice it is to have friends all over the world and to know some of them! Wonderful memories came back. For breakfast, we had freshly baked rolls and afterward we went to a jazz session in town.

How wonderful life can be!

Oslo Meeting for Worship was both on Zoom and physically in the city centre. Good to be able to meet people from the whole country, but also bit challenging!

Tbilisi, Georgia

At international   Quaker Day. We  bought some food ( rise, sugar,  bread, flavour, vegetables) and delivered it to  Iraqian refugee   living  in  Tbilisi. On the   picture   our   member  Feliks  giving 2 packages  with different  food  to him. He  was at  our meeting  one Sunday.