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Download the 2019 Poster

World Quaker Day 2019 Poster

Ideas for activities

The theme, Sustainability: Planting seeds of renewal for the world we love draws us into our shared experience of earth care and the spiritual imperative to sustain life on earth. It is chance to celebrate our wonderful diversity of expression, whilst at the same time offering an important opportunity to learn about Friends’ experiences of climate breakdown in other parts of the world. Consider sharing a sustainability story from your meeting or church with another group of Friends elsewhere in the world and begin a dialogue.

Visit the Friends Around the World site to find out where Friends are worldwide

Hind World Quaker Day Poster (2019 theme)

Japanese World Quaker Day (2019 theme) 

Visayan (Bohol Philippines) World Quaker Day (2019 theme)

Spanish World Quaker Day (2019 theme)

Video resources

Quakers and Climate Change Around the World

  • Video: three Friends share their experiences of climate breakdown and how their Quaker faith inspires them to take action

Quakers Coming Together to Care for the Earth

  • Video: Friends from across theological traditions in North America join together to share their personal testimonies on environmental justice, earthcare and stewardship.
  • Sharing discussion guidelines: Download these suggested guidelines for discussing the video in your meeting or church.

How many Quakers are There in the World?

Listening in Tongues

Other films and online resources

Other ideas for activities:

  • Organise an event in your meeting or church that shows how you connect with Friends in another part of the world, such as visits that have taken place, or consider developing a sister meeting relationship.
  • Copy and distribute the Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice (from the 6th World Conference of Friends in 2012). Query: “What is our meeting doing to respond to the Kabarak Call?” or hold a discussion using each of the four points in the Kabarak Call.
  • Consider how to expand your meeting or church’s connections to the wider movement for change, for example anti-fracking resistance, peace campaigning, work for economic justice or creating solidarity with migrants or refugees and those experiencing racism.
  • Ask Friends to share how their faith has inspired them to undertake climate witness in the world.
  • Take part in the Loving Earth Project – a community textile project on the theme of ‘building a more sustainable earth’. Create a textile panel (30 x 30cm) on your own or with your meeting/church which shows something you love which is threatened by environmental change. 

Visit the website lovingearth-project.uk

  • Show the YouTube version of the Kabarak Call with music by Jon Watts:
  • Share a simple, plant-based meal and contribute the savings to a local or national sustainability, peace and justice cause.
  • Invite a yearly meeting representative of FWCC to come and talk about the work of FWCC and the diverse family of Friends.
  • Make a video on the theme of sustainability and send it to the FWCC World Office to be uploaded to the WORLD QUAKER DAY website.
  • Show the video of the World Conference “Salt and Light”:
    (click on the video and it will take you to YouTube)
  • Invite Friends from a meeting that practices a different form of worship and hold a discussion about sustainability and find out what you have in common.
  • Hold a sing-along with hymns relating to the theme of sustainability.
  • Bond over some gardening or tree-planting, either at the church or meeting house or to help an elderly or disabled person.
  • Tell the WQD story to the local media. Issue a press release, offer to give interviews and invite some journalists along on the day.
  • Promote what you are doing on social media. Don’t forget to post on the WQD Facebook page as well.
  • Host an afternoon tea party and invite members of the local community. It’s a great way to do some outreach .
  • Don’t forget to include children in your preparations for WQD. Think about how to engage them with the theme.
  • Create a list of meetings and churches around the world who would be interested in email pals or exchange of letters between meetings telling how their meeting or church operates and asking about the other meetings practices.
  • Create a photo essay or short video with children from your local meeting or church explaining what changes they are seeing in the environment where they live. They could also share what their building is like, what their worship and First Day School is like, and what they feel are the most import beliefs and testimonies of Friends
  • Invite a meeting member who has worshiped with Friends in different parts of the world to share their experiences.

FWCC Offering or Collection

Have a meal or other event to raise funds for FWCC. Have discussion queries on the tables with resources such as the FWCC map “Finding Quakers Around the World”: Point out where Friends are located and find some answers to questions like these:

  • Which country has the most Quakers? Which country has the fewest Quakers?
  • Which are the largest and smallest yearly meetings?
  • What kinds of worship do Friends have around the world?
  • Do you know what an Evangelical Friend believes? A Conservative Friend? A Convergent Friend? A Liberal Friend?
  • How are programmed and unprogrammed Friends alike and different?
  • Which form of worship worldwide has more members and attenders — programmed or unprogrammed?
  • What do Friends around the world have in common?

Here is a description of the work of FWCC to be shared with your meeting or church:

Answering God’s call to universal love, Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) brings Friends of varying traditions and cultural experiences together in worship, communications, and consultation, to express our common heritage and our Quaker message to the world (mission statement). Through various means, FWCC is connecting Friends, crossing cultures, and changing lives across our many differences and within our spiritual unity. FWCC provides a Quaker voice at the world level through its global ecumenical participation and its worldwide representation on the Quaker United Nations Committees in New York and Geneva. FWCC works both vertically serving Friends at the world level and horizontally, supporting Friends through the four Section offices. FWCC connects us as Friends in our work, in our worship, and in our lives.

Please give generously to support this important Quaker work. Many thanks!

Send your contribution to the World or your Section office, or donate online.

Thank you for participating in World Quaker Day!