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See how Section of the Americas celebrated World Quaker Day 2020

''Will I ever forget what zoom has done for us? Will I remember that it was during COVID 19 that I learned a new way to connect with others?

Yesterday evening 9 00 pm British Summer Time I joined the Quaker section of the Americas to celebrate World Quaker Day. It was conducted in both English and Spanish and represented the silent worship (unprogrammed) and the programmed worship (singing, readings, preaching) of the Quaker world. Our hosts were in El Salvador, Bolivia and the United States.


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Here is Chico Friends Meeting, in Chico, California, as gathered on World Quaker Day 2020, with and without our WQS signs.
The signs said "Being a Quaker today to me means 'being a love God and my neighbor...having a direct relationship with from an unhurried center…Hope".
Thank you for World Quaker Day!
Chico Friends Meeting, Chico California, USA

Friends gathered for Eastern Hills Meeting worship, some remotely and others at the Meeting House, socially distanced with windows open. The meeting is home to the clerks of both Ohio Valley YM and Wilmington YM. We opened worship by reading the WQD query “What does it mean to be a Quaker today?” to which Friends responded deeply.

Here are World Quaker Day photos from three Chicago Quaker meetings.
The first, from Evanston Friends Meeting, depicts members of the meeting listening as three members talk about their spiritual journeys and why being a Quaker is meaningful to them today.
The second shows Lake Forest Friends displaying Quaker objects from their homes.
The third is a group picture taken of Northside Friends during World Quaker Day last year.
Andy Foery from Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting in Cambridge, MA, shares their WQD sign.

Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting who wanted to share what being Quaker meant to them.

Grand Rapids Friends Meeting (Grand Rapids, Michigan) celebrated World Quaker Day this year by Zoom, with fellowship and a group photo following our Meeting for Worship on Sunday morning. There were 12 of us in attendance, and 10 stayed for the picture taking. Most of our fellowship centered around sharing about different experiences each of us has had with various Quaker communities around the World and also some stories about growing up in Friends Meeting or how we originally came to Quakerism. Our tradition during "normal times" is to host a homecoming potluck on World Quaker Day, and invite Friends who may not have attended for a while to join us. This year we have been able to expand our community to those who are too far away to attend in person, but can now join us by Zoom. Instead of potluck, each of us enjoyed our own snack or beverage at home while we visited. In doing so, we were all nurtured by sharing a simple meal, and precious time together.

We salute the Quaker family around the world. May fidelity to the voice of the Seed allow us to bear witness to the truth of God. Let's celebrate the festival of our diversity. Quakers from Havana, Cuba!



We are Julie and Charlie Forte of Holland, PA in Bucks County and attend Newtown Friends Meeting.

In recognition of World Quaker Day, Outreach Committee is bringing a Bolivian Quaker for an after-meeting talk this coming Sunday, Oct. 4th.

Rebeca Ramos is a young Bolivian Friend visiting the US under the auspices of the Bolivian Quaker Education Fund, a fund that has helped over 200 Quakers in Bolivia graduate from college and return to support their communities.

Rebeca is one of these graduates, and she is visiting the U.S. this year to meet American Friends. She has been unable to travel to meetings as planned, and she has been doing Zoom presentations to U.S. meetings. She did a 15-minute presentation on Bolivian Quakers and on the environmental challenges they face in Bolivia, followed by question time. 

Our bulletin for World Quaker Day 2020 which was observed by our Meeting this morning.
A letter sized copy of the WQD 2020 poster was handed out to all attending with the question "What does it mean to YOU to be a Quaker today?" added a couple of lines below the date. 
With social distancing still wise due to COVID-19 we did not try a group picture.

On a beautiful fall morning Friends at Springfield Meeting of Wilmington Yearly Meeting in SW Ohio, USA worshipped in a circle outdoors, masked and distanced.

Thinking of Friends everywhere.

Powell House is the conference and retreat center of New York Yearly Meeting Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

QUNO Staff said: 'On this World Quaker day our staff are reflecting on what it means to be a Quaker today and represent the concerns of Quakers at the UN to uphold and promote peace.''

Whidbey Island Friends Meeting posted several videos from FWCC on our Facebook page in the days leading up to World Quaker Day to explore the 2020 theme.